The briefing and ‘mystery intro’ to the Aviation Cultures Mk.V Conference – by co-organisers Phil Vabre and James Kightly at the Airways Museum Essendon, Aus, filmed by Keith Webb of Image Control.

We’re ‘broadcasting’ from the Airways Museum, Essendon. Here’s an invitation to join us at the Aviation Cultures Mk.V Conference. Are you interested in different and interesting insights into aviation history and heritage, from a wide range of leaders in their fields? That’s what we’ve got!

What’s the foundation theme of Aviation Cultures Conference Mk.V? Co-organiser Phil Vabre fills us in, broadcasting from the Airways Museum, Essendon.

Aviation Cultures Mk.V isn’t just a conference for academics. The fundamental aim is to gather experts from many fields – and then neat stuff happens when that knowledge is shared, complemented and built on. Here co-organiser, James Kightly, explains the background and history of the conferences.

Wondered about the Morse code at the start of our video spots? It’s real Morse, and the first navaid that co-organiser of Aviation Cultures Mk.V Phil Vabre will introduce to us. We’re coming to you from the Airways Museum, at Essendon, ML.

What does ‘Online from Essendon Airport’ mean? Conference co-organiser James Kightly explains why Mk.V is the first online version of Aviation Cultures, and how that means we’re able to have international reach – including participants and audience with live access worldwide. See you there!