What is Aviation Cultures?

Aviation Cultures is a series of conferences where researchers and practitioners come together to share their knowledge and ideas about flight, and its place in history and society. First held in 2015, Aviation Cultures has grown and evolved from small beginnings into major gatherings of people interested in not just what aircraft are and what they can do, but also what they mean, and have meant. To understand what kinds of things Aviation Cultures is about, read more about our history, look at what we discussed in past conferences, or watch our introductory videos.

Who is supporting Aviation Cultures Mk.VI?

Our generous sponsors are listed here.

Who is running Aviation Cultures Mk.VI?

Co-organisers: Tash Heap, James Kightly, Phil Vabre.
Committee: Brittany Burgess, Gordon Clarke, Dr Brett Holman, Daniel J Leahy, Keith Webb, Geoff Wong, Jana Woods.
Support: Dr Prudence Black, Chris Holden, Beverley Laing.
Aviation Cultures Founders: Dr Prudence Black, Dr Peter Hobbins, Professor Tracy Ireland, Dr Jane M Ferguson.